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We're a modern digital marketing consultancy

How consumers interact with your business has changed and this trend will continue for many years to come. Traditional marketing methods no longer work and the right time to invest in your digital marketing strategy is now. We work with you to find new ways to engage with and serve your target audience through the use of digital channels.

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We help turn ideas into growth

The digital world has made starting a business much more accessible but also changed the way traditional business gain custom. Many refuse to adapt to the changing environment but some do. Those that take these new ideas forward usually reap the benefits of doing so, whereas the others may fail. We work with you to develop these ideas, create a plan and assist with implementation to drive towards your goals.  

We do this through our 5 step process:

  • Listen: with a free 30 minute 1-1 discovery call to learn more about you and your ideas - and to check we're a good fit for each other.

  • Consult: if we fit, we work together to gain further insights and to really drill down and hone in on your ideas.

  • Plan: with a solid understanding we work together to come up with a solid plan that will make your ideas a reality.

  • Implement: we don't just give you the plan and send you on your way. We can if you prefer, but usually we work with you to implement it too.

  • Beyond: together we continue to evaluate, tweak and test to ensure things are heading in the right direction. You are never alone.

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    What we do.

    We provide our clients with a huge range of digital services and solutions, but here are a few of our most popular.

    Website Creation

    A website is just the beginning for any business looking to embrace the digital world and its uncapped potential. However, a website alone is no longer enough and should be used as part of a larger digital marketing strategy. 

    Landing Pages & Sales Funnels

    Unlike a website, landing pages usually focus on one call to action and are highly targeted to meet the needs of a segmented audience. Used in conjunction with a website, these can generate new leads and sales.


    Ecommerce isn't a new concept, but many, typically traditional retails shops, are slow to adapt or in many cases don't! The way consumers shop has changed, even more so since the Coronavirus pandemic began. 

    Email Marketing

    The email marketing strategy has been around for decades and the great thing is, it still works! Building an email list of highly targeted consumers can literally generate an income on autopilot. 

    Niche Sites

    We run several of our own niche websites, typically used to promote vendor products. These niche sites draw in a targeted audience and with the right content, are ready to spend money.

    Affiliate Marketing

    We provide consulting on the methods you can use to generate affiliate income. LJSD also have the tools you'll need and can guide you through the complete process step by step.

    Who we work with.

    We work with clients from a whole range of industries and sectors. If you have an audience or one in mind, we have the expertise, knowledge and tools to enable you to grow or build your business. 


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    Online Businesses

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